Jill Vogel

Jill Vogel

Virginia State Senator

“I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Carter for Fauquier County Supervisor. He has the experience, leadership, and vision to lead our community into a bright future. Kevin’s bipartisan, balanced and common sense approach to solving the most pressing problems makes him a very effective Board member.”


Michael Webert

Michael Webert

Virginia State Delegate

“Kevin Carter has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader who can be counted on to solve problems and get things done.  Kevin’s competent, evenhanded leadership that is mindful of today’s enormous economic challenges is what we need in Fauquier County.”



Jeremy Falls

Fauquier County Sheriff

“I am happy to endorse Kevin Carter for Center District, Board of Supervisors. Whether on the Town Council or on the Board of Supervisors, Kevin has proven to be a valued public servant. He has been a strong supporter of the Sheriff’s Office and is always working to improve the safety of our community. So, please join me in supporting Kevin in his campaign!




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